My movies aren't so much movies as they are experimentation in
special effects and filmmaking. Nevertheless, here they are, in order
from most recent to least recent:

This is a video I made for MIT Admissions in 2016. Super adorable
and awesome.

This is a video I made to get people excited about Battlecode, an
artificial intelligence competition hosted by MIT every January. I made
the music for this one as well.

This is a video I made for MIT Admissions in 2015.

The MIT acceptance letter comes in a silver tube, along with instructions
telling us to "hack the tube" by using it for something creative. This
is my tube hack video. The rest of my class's hacks can be found here.

This video was made for a Language and Composition project about
propaganda. It vilifies Malus Domestica, or the common apple.

This was the video portfolio I sent to colleges when I was applying.
They all seemed to like it, and I hope you do as well.

This compilation of generative art was created with processing.

This video was created as part of our history final in junior year of high
school. The music was composed by Hayden Kline, who plays McCarthy.

Any videos created before this can be found on my YouTube channel.