My games are created with the Unity 3D engine. They are sorted from
most recent to least recent. Click on your operating system to
download a game.    
Hue Shift is a puzzle platformer made in one weekend for the
2014 Global Game Jam. Certain colored blocks disappear depending
on your direction of movement.

Evasion is a graphics test that turned into a semi-horror game, where
the enemy only moves when you're not looking at it.    

D.E.R.P is an evolution simulation that generates randomly flailing stone
block creatures that gradually learn how to walk. It's simple and non-
interactive, but fun to watch. Textures from here.

Unite is a puzzle game where you alternate between controlling Jack
and Carol, who have power over time and space respectively.
Unfortunately, Unite's development is on indefinite hiatus. But you can
download the beta by clicking one of the buttons above.

A three-dimensional version of Scrabble, where the words are built
outwards from a central starting block. The traditional score multipliers
are represented by floating spheres.